Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Poor Teddy

Hey you with the camera, buy me some booze OK?

Tell me your story.


Tell me how you got here.

Then you'll buy me some some booze right?




Yeah, yeah. OK... There's me and Pooh right. Look at'im, he's got the deal know what I mean, I mean he's got it all, books, TV shows, movies, toys, the mother of all merchandising deals right? Fucker, but hey I'm not bitter not me.

Where you from?

Fucking China. What I'd get? A limited release party in Bie-fucking-jing and who in Hollywood even noticed right? A few TV spots here in the states and nothing.... I didn't ask to be stuffed with asbestos. Fuckers. Asbestos ain't hurt me none, look at me, I'm still plump, squeezable, huggable and Pooh gets the fame, Pooh gets the glory, and that old man voice is so fucking annoying. Get me some good stuff OK, spend more than 10 bucks OK?...spensive camera you got there.

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