Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sharon Springs, NY

Back in August Mooski and I took a road trip to Sharon Springs, NY. While poking around the abandoned Hotel Adler my camera inexplicably switched to a black and white setting. I've never taken black and white photos and didn't even know my camera did that. I finally noticed after taking this pic of Margery standing under the rickety bridge to nowhere. Reviewing this particular pic I noticed it lacked the deep greens of the background and started going through my menus. I found the errant setting about six clicks in, no way I could have inadvertently done this myself???

Going back through my pictures the walk up to the Adler were all in color, and the very first photo taken of the hotel was in black and white. One more for the mystery book, eh?

Now - with my color settings restored -

Creepy mannequin in the local museum.

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