Saturday, June 26, 2010

Phila Fusion

Dinner at Phila Fusion. 1st - dinner was excellent, just what I would expect from the Sushi Thai group. 2nd - I was disappointed there wasn't more Vietnamese dishes on the menu. The menu is a good mix of Japanese and Thai, and a lot of Korean, and I way-prefer Vietnamese over Korean. Lucky Cat was waving to me the whole meal.

Wifey and I shared a Kimchi salad, I had fish in a Thai ginger, lemon grass sauce, really delicious. A Sapporo beer and the milky stuff is an unfiltered Saki, served cold. The selection of Saki is pretty good, better than any other place in town. The Saki I had is described as a creamy Saki, quite nice, sweeter than I normally like. When I go back I think I'll try other Sakis, maybe a Sakitini of some sort. The Lychee Sakitini sounds good.

Super Lucky Cat. We're pals.

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