Saturday, September 8, 2012

Chloe sleepy

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Roger Denk said...

Hi Paul, apparently you are the same person with whom I shared a trip aboard the M/V Rio Tunayan, one of the Argentine State Lines boats from NYC to Santos Brazil in August 1960. I was then Adrienne Doering from Cleveland, and was traveling with my father, mother and brother. Dad was working with TRW to open a plant in Sao Paulo. I have photos if you'd like to see them. Please email me at

I now live in Monterey CA with my husband Roger. We've lived here 25 years. We travel a lot, spending summers in Chatham on Cape Cod, and other trips now that we're fully retired.

I found your blog after seeing your name on the ship's manifest, which I was going through as I prepare for my 50th High School
Reunion in Cleveland next week.

Hope to hear from you,